The Craftsmanship of Protection

We’ve all heard the cliché, “attention to detail.” But what really measures workmanship is not how it may first appear, but how it lasts. Our approach is to provide you with that balance of protection and beauty, and to ensure the result of your investment not only looks great on day one, but withstands the rigors of time.

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We are Hoyt Custom Coatings.
A painting company.

Our process starts with careful attention. The foundation for the results you expect come in the form of our full understanding of your needs, and the careful preparation of the surfaces. We then apply our coatings with care and precision, balancing the value of both protection and beauty. No blemishes ignored, no thinned-out paints. No short-cuts.

Our Services:


Hoyt Custom Coatings offers professional interior and exterior painting services to residences in the greater Pocatello area. We work with both homeowners and builders, and bring our high quality work to every project.


Hoyt Custom Coatings provides high-quality, deadline driven painting and custom coating services to commercial property owners, builders, and developers. Our owner Brad Hoyt is your main contact at all times, and he will ensure you are fully supported.


Hoyt Custom Coatings provides a wide range of custom interior painting and coating solutions. We are your “one-stop-shop” for a smooth, professional experience that will offer both beauty and the protective wearability you desire.


Hoyt Custom Coatings offers attentive and professional exterior house painting solutions and service. We work will several types of exterior surfaces, including wood, siding, stucco, and more.

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